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Yeah screw that. Id be better with my gateway. I am thinking of exchanging this one or getting the Asus ips 27 led 2560x1440 5ms
I founf one dead pixel on the rite side of my monitor it only shows on the white black test and like one other. On green red and blue it blinks off
I think I like game mode on and user mode with 100%. I tried the setting he's got and it dosent look as nice as my old gate way. The gate way monitor really has an amazing picture. This monitor is nice to tho I like it its a little bigger and has the better ressulution. With the ips and the led I thought it would have a better picture
what setting are you using for picture settings?
Not one dead pixel ad no bleeding or anything strange!
Yup it came with one. Can't wait to set it up. How many dead pixels would you allow and how many stuck pixels would you allow?
Oh okay so I am all set. I just want to set it up when it comes lol
Oh not a duel link dvi cable?
Jfoff80 Does this monitor come with a duel link cable or should I buy my own?
Mine comes in Thursday I am a little nervous lol
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