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The red light turning green is normal. I have that on mine and Joe from definitive in the definitive forum said that is something the changed in the newer production runs. However my green light doesn't blink it is solid. I have only speaker wire running to the no LFE
What are your settings? I got mine at contrast 100, brightness 58, sharp 5, color 52 tint 50. Did you make any other changes?
What are your settings? I got mine at contrast 100, brightness 58, sharp 5, color 52 tint 50. Did you make any other changes?
Not sure if this is something that could work for you or not, but I ordered this heavy duty one from monoprice and it is mounting my 64in Sammy. (PN64E533). Plus it is about $140 shipped so a little cheaperhttp://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=108&cp_id=10828&cs_id=1082806&p_id=6517&seq=1&format=2
Let me know if you like the results from your SPL tuning vs. what Audyssey does. I am very curious to see if you get positive results from the SPL and might try it myself. I was waiting for RBFilms response first on my particular situation to see if he has any insight first. Keep us posted!
Looking good! I bet you are excited to use it! I know the feeling. Congrats! Now tell me how the wow disc helps dial yours in. I'm still tweaking mine. I didn't get as much time this weekend to mess with it
RBFilms, I have a few questions I would love your input on as I am waiting for my disc to be delivered. I ordered it intending to only use the video calibration, however, after reading every page of this thread, I am tempted to buy an SPL meter and turn off my audyssey settings on my Denon 3312. Is the disc self explanatory when it comes to audio calibration or are there some tips/tricks i need to be aware of? So here are my main questions: 1. I have a Sony BDP-590...
use monoprice.com for your wire
Did you run Mcacc on your pio yet? Don't set your center to large. I cross mine over at 80. You could probably get away with 60. Also if you are using lfe on your towers set them to small. Personally I would just use the wire and no lfe.
Any good recommendations on live concerts that would really make my 8060s sing? I know this isn't exactly the right forum, but the weather sucks and I thought I would see what others have to say. I just ordered The Last Waltz from amazon and that doesn't get here till Tuesday. My wife wants me to get a Rolling Stones blu ray so I might look into that. I see the new O.A.R. blu ray is coming out in a few weeks.
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