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Label on the back of the set, bottom left side.
Thanks for the help, the extra cable worked great. I'm not sure why my cable box gives me DD using the optical out of the TV but it all works now as it's supposed to.
Sorry I meant to post this in the Panasonic BDT 220 Forum. Maybe the mods could move it since there does not seem to be any edit functions. Thanks.
I only seem to be getting PL 2 when playing with this new setup into my Denon 1803. It's an older amp but never had a problem before with my Oppo DVD player and older TV when I just used a digital audio out direct from the DVD player to the amp. Now with the blu ray the amp only ever shows PL2. No problems with cable or Netflix. Since the amp does not have any HDMI connections, all HDMI go into the back of my Sony HX850, and then an optical cable goes from the TV to the...
Aug 2012 - mexico.
Make sure your firmware version is up to date on the TV. Easy enough to download duirn an install.
Funny, I see absolutely nothing in the corners that's been talked about here over and over again....it's perfect. I'll rate my set a 9.5/10 because I will see some clouding/banding/"whatever uneven screen term" only on a hockey games and even then if you're not actually looking for it and enjoying the game like you're supposed to then it's a non issue. I really think a lot of people here ought to start enjoying life and it's rewards rather than living in obscurity looking...
Yup pleny up here still, with $400 recent price drop. I've had mine ofr about 6 weeks, it's spectacular. Maybe I just got lucky but I see absolutely none of the issues that are posted here. I have an Aug 2012 build date if that matters
I've had this set for two weeks and am very happy with the unit. Coming from the last of the Toshiba widescreen CRT's it a big jump !! It seems that the majority of posted setups are pretty dark and belong in a dedicated HT room. Does anyone have a good setup for Blueray and Cable for a room that actually has windows?? Maybe I'm just getting old or something but I prefer a brighter image that works more like standard everyday lighting rather than theater dark and...
New Posts  All Forums: