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I said in my post I can find it new locally for a discounted price. I do not live in the US.
Great, thanks for the replies. I've got okay from my wife as long as I sell the TV we have and the camera I currently don't use. Selling those will be the real trick.
Thinking about 100 inches and 1.0 gain. I currently don't have a projector. Edit: Or a screen for that matter. Going to be getting both.
I have an opportunity to get a new Samsung SP-A900B DLP projector locally for far, far less than the price it was released at (which was $3000+, hence why I'm posting here). However, since it has been out for nearly five years, I was wondering if this projector was still worth getting, especially if there were some other projectors in the under $3000 category that might outperform it given the advance of technology. Anybody know how this projector stacks up to the current...
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