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Hi RobLee That a very great point by you, thanks for sharing us your experience. RTIA is for sure
Hi Javygonx I appreciate your help, yes i can provide 1222 and was thinking about same Polk Audio RTIA7. seems like your system and mine will be just alike. But i have been told that Denon is warmer than Pioneer, where Pioneer has a light or clinical sound, have any idea of this? Thanks alot.
Hi Polkies I would like to join you and have some polkaudio speakers and join them to my system, but i'm confused between RTIA7 and TSI500, the first worth more around 100$, and does Powerport Plus has a big sound difference. Thankx
I would like to have an AVR and start sharing experience with you, but I have no such experience in this area and welling to get help from expert people in this forum. Mostly, I will use my AVR to watch movies “BluRay, HD family recording parties and such, listen to music “as they call it HD Audio, Internet streaming and such”, and play games from my PC, I will connect other devices to AVR like free satellite channel and paid channels “OSN”. My TV is Sony EX500 46. Polk...
I don't know what technology is not moving faster with speakers and AVRs like other devices or services out there, anyway, the idea is very great, and i'm suffering at this moment trying to remove the wires between the AVR and speakers
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