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I bought the 40's, the EM C2 and FX2 for surround. Still haven't installed the FX2 or gotten a sub solution. The 40's are excellent and the C2 is as well. I have no complaints at all. I lo e them.
Yeah mine will need to be out in the open
Yes ... Every other post i look at there has the pictures deleted ...
Anyone have good links for some sealed opposing dual sub builds in various sizes.... Say 12 15 18 inches Looking to make one (Likely disguised as a table of some sort) ... I guess a flat pack would be easiest or if somoene knows a service that makes them to spec (I live in Houston) Would prefer an onboard amp, but could probably figure out a way to work with an external one. Whatever the best speakers are to get the cleanest lowest sound. Once i select speakers, amp,...
OK ... I mean i guess i could use a separate amp and just have it sitting next to the sub, as long as the amp is quiet.
Looking for a build for a sealed box with dual opposed 15" or 18" with amp on board, will need a wireless kit of some sort Sealed Wireless 15 or 18 AMP on units Grills to pretty it up The easier, the better ...
those are single units ... i was looking for dual oppossed
Any help?
Under 1 would be great
Looking to possibly build 2 dual sealed 18" to try to get THIS room filled with clean bass. Figured 2 18" dual would do the job, but 10 12 15 18 ... All are options, just want something that will be relatively unobtrusive. Cost is a factor of course so i would like baseline costs. Wondering how big the enclosures would have to be, what amp to use and what wireless options there are. Where to go to get the enclosures made (I am in Houston) Double walled, fiberglass,...
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