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I got a question ,I bought an OPPO bdp-95 to avoid Cinavia, I have not updated it ,I should leave alone to avoid getting stripped of some of the unique features ,I purchased it for, or is their any particular update needed that bad for improvements, they are on sale at Crutchfield. Any advice.
PSB B6 the best price now is at http://www.digitalcraze.com/ $440.00 Shipping included , no taxes, they beat anyone in any brand and price.
its the OPPO BDP-103 Page 2 on Amazon ,and its plastered allover the net both of my OPPO 83 and 95 got it on an update already call OPPO and see, ITt might not affect you for a while and first you have to understand to what and how it works.
Bluray players/media players that contain Cinavia: Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) - Firmwares affected - all firmwares newer than v3.01 contain Cinavia (Message Code 3) Pioneer BDP-V6000 - unknown firmware atm Denon DBP-1611UD - unknown firmware atm Marantz UD5005 - unknown firmware atm Bluray players/media players that DONT contain Cinavia: LG BD550 latest BD.8.31.339.C firmware, some firmwares earlier than 300.C contained cinavia LG BD560 latest BD.8.31.339.C firmware, some...
you want goggle Cinavia Technology there is alot more than that to it .
Just about all Sony 2012 have Cinavia I returned 2 myself Sony SD590 and SD790 check it out on this site. http://www.cinavia.com/languages/english/pages/technology.html
Google Cinavia Technology This is installed in all new 2112 Blue ray DVD CD players, by law and this wont allow you to play anything that's not original, there goes all copied movies........if you check Amazon .com OPPO use to cost $1200.00 now only $499.00 Brand New, read the reviews at Amazon on the new oppo some people found out and back their sending them, I sent back 2 2012 1 sony 1 panasonic same crap ,I bought 1 2010 and 1 2011 .
Hey guy keep in mind that on an older player if an update is not needed for whats more important, or newer players all 2013 have Cinavia Technology installed or in a update, you want to Google this cause you wont be able to play of watch nothing other than original, sat bye to all old copies, I buy older used 2010 or 2011 don't update.
New Posts  All Forums: