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Sorry it took long to reply. But yes my genie works amazing now. It did an auto update one night nos it's amazing.
Thanks ill try it out.
Here let me do this from my laptop. it was kind of hard posting a long reply from my phone. haha. First off like i said before i have been a directv customer for 5+ years. love their service. love their HD quality. love their channel setup. (might just be because i am so used to it by now too tho) Love their customer service. Their price isn't bad either. I pay 69.73 a month for HD service, the top of the line channel line up(excluding the premium sports stuff), and i...
Ive had directv for about 5 years. I recently upgraded to the genie with 3 clients. I love dtv hd. Its amazing. The numbrr of channels is nice. BUT! THE GENIE IS TERRIBLE! ! IT IS SO SLOW. LITERALLY IT TAKES ABOUT 45 SECONDS TO CHANGE CHANNELS. if it wasn't for the genie being so laggy i'd highly recommend dtv. But seriously the hopper is way faster. My in laws have it and I love it.
Do you own this tv? Or just thinking about purchasing it? Just curious. If you don't mind my curiosity.
True and average joe may not notice it as much as i did. I love Toshiba. Which is why i purchased this tv. During the day it is very hard to even notice the edge light bleed. But this 46" tv was in my bedroom. And when watching tv at night with lights off the edge bleed drove me crazy. Especially during dark scenes. I tried everything i could do to tone down the amount of light bleed. All of my efforts were for not. Nothing helped. It was also very bad in the middle of the...
Yes in a dark room. But I was able to see the edge light even with lights on. Not very noticeable during the day. But at night. It was terrible. I had that problem with 2 of these tvs. I was bummed because I love my other Toshiba. So I might have been unlucky and got 2 defective ones. But the edge light bleed was in different spots on both tvs.
Screw size is m8. And at least 0.67" and no longer than 1.46". That came right from the owners manual.
Dont buy this tv. I purchased and thw edge light bleed was terrible when watching movies at night..
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