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i have a motorola DCH3200 and i watch ondemand in hd over HDMI wit no problems. milt9
would a 1/4 wave stub for ch8 be enough notch? milt9
i replaced my z3 with an epson 8350. milt
prop pitch motor and sylsens for rotor.will turn any antenna or house milt
i am in walnut creek ca. with comcast. there is a channel with color bars on the highist channel.milt
in rossmoor [walnut creek] comcast added 18 HD channels in the basic package.milt
i am in rossmoor and have phone and internet service. comcast has a 6month lower price for first time internet service then goes to regular price.everyone in rossmoor pays for basic cable. then you sign up for internet service. i signed up for internet online.milt
i have been using a RNG110 for a year with no problems.milt
i have been using a rng 110 cable box with hdmi out to hdmi in to tv for 2 years.captions work fine.milt
New Posts  All Forums: