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It is going to start as a 5.1 but im wiring for a 7.1 in the future. Gotta do some more saving. So for the rears on the 5.1, instead of putting them on the walls spread 15' apart, you think I should just hang them from the ceiling a little closer to the couch? Anyone hear done this? Does it look tacky? Would I be better off just gettting in-ceiling speakers instead of satellites hanging?
So, I finally got all my speaker wire and data cables. I need a little more advice for my speaker wire locations. Where should I run the wire for my front left and Center speakers? How far on each side of the tv should they be? It's about 15' across from the wall to the header where the soffit will be. The tv will be centered on between the two. I don't have my system yet but more than likely going to get the Andrew jones pioneer set to start with that has 2 towers. But...
Anyone have any experience with the recycled denim insulation batts. Looks kind of like the Roxul. Menards has R19 for 39.99 compared to the fiberglass at 12.77 a roll. On the denim it says "superior acoustical absorption". Just a marketing scheme or worth it?
Hokie, so do you think you I should even bother with the fiberglass if I double the rock, or will it be a waste of $400 or whatever it will cost me? Jmeans, glad to hear I'm not the only one struggling around here. How's your build going? Have any good ideas or tips from your build? Love to see some pics if you have them.
How about in the soffit around the ductwork? Insulation, mlv, foam board, nothing? I'm just worried about the sound really traveling out the registers
How about in the soffit around the ductwork? Insulation, mlv, foam board, nothing? I'm just worried about the sound really traveling out the registers
Do I want rj45 plugs for stranded or solid? http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=105&cp_id=10513&cs_id=1051305&p_id=7245&seq=1&format=2 http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=105&cp_id=10513&cs_id=1051305&p_id=7246&seq=1&format=2 Also need a crimping tool. I have a pair of wire strippers but I saw these at monoprice so I thought about getting one. Any idea if these are any good, or would I be better off getting some from Lowes? I would rather...
Next obstacle... Looking for some suggestions on some soundproofing. I wish I could afford to do an awesome job with the soundproofing but its just not possible. I would like to do something though. I know about building a room in a room and using clips and double layers of rock with green glue and all that. Cant afford it. Wish to god I could. Ive read mixed reviews on stuffing R19 fiberglass batts, what do you guys think?I have no need for a the insulation outside of...
Matt L, my exact thoughts on the smart tv. I just noticed a large amount of them are going to smart tv now. I honestly have no interest in smart tv or 3d,but if I found a good deal and it had it that's fine. I'm planning on having my 360 down there and hoping to use it for most of my streaming (which I don't do a ton of), do you know if the 360 is a very useful "streamer". I've read a lot about this xbmc, but know pretty much nothing about it. (had a kid 3 years ago, and...
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