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I've listened to them before and while I don't love them for music (in fact, my Polks probably out perform them), I like their potential for movies. My alternative to getting a pair of Polk T15s on stands as my rears, which would be over $200 cheaper.
Is getting a CC-10 absolutely necessary off the bat?
To start, my current system is: TSi300 x2, CS10, Denon AVR1713. I understand it's a modest system, but I've been eyeing solutions to upgrade and expand to a 5.0 for a while now (for the right price). Long story short, I may have the opportunity to get a pair of CF70s for $280--that's right, $140 a piece. Now, I understand the CF line isn't the most loved speaker out there, but is this deal too good to pass up? Should I wait until I have the means to get something...
I know that sometimes the iphone camera can overexpose the brighter portions of an image so if I may ask; do the black bars appear pitch black (as it does in the images) in person?
Double post. Sorry.
How was the letter-boxing in person? Were they pitch black?
Question for owners: How are the letterboxes on this set? Are they fully black or is it variable depending on the content on the screen?
Let me try to clear this up. The 2013 E-series (32-55) TVs are direct-lit. I believe the 40"/42" models and the 50"/55" models do feature local dimming over a firmware update.The 2013 M-series is edge-lit (all models) with the larger models featuring local dimming.The M-series is superior in every way to the E-series direct-lit models aside from black levels and uniformity. In 2014, all Vizio models will apparently be direct-lit with local dimming.Now, to answer your...
Just so shed some anecdotal light on 3D, most consumers that I've encountered feel like they are paying for something they don't want. A lot of customers cringe (sometimes literally) at the mention of 3D as a feature. I think Vizio did their research and found out they could actually ingratiate their brand with customers by omitting a feature.
The Vizio rep really seems dialed in to the video community. Still, 3D is a tough omission to swallow for a lot of folks.
New Posts  All Forums: