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[quote name="Yukon Trooper" url="/t/1406618/official-panasonic-ut50-series-discussion-thread/1860#post_22859858" Have you tried updating the TV software? The newest update includes performance enhancements.[/quote] Hi both are on current fw ive aranged to have richer sounds check my amp
Hi guys i have the ut50 and was wondering if anyone has issues with youtube hd footage stuttering my conection is wired but some videos stutter badly also having issues with my arc when my onkyo amp is turned on it makes my inbuilt digital picture lose signal and display no signal very strange idid have it working before this but then it just stopped
Hi by changing channel I mean changing imput so cable / tv / pc etc for the brief second you press it the picture comes back on then goes off now when first set it up - it worked fine and the amp auto selected the TV channel setting and worked fine then it just stopped working I will try the unplug option as ive already tried resetting both the amp and the tv but no joy.
Onkyo Tx-NR609 ARC problem with Panasonic UT50 plasma Hi guys not sure where i should post this but ive just got a new Panasonic ut50 plasma tv which supports ARC now ive connected my Onkyo amp and enabled the setting on both TV and amp and it was working great for a few hours then it stopped working (no sound as the amp takes over the TVs sound) so after a fiddle for some reason now when im watching the inbuilt freeview hd when I turn the amp on it makes the TV lose...
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