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Total newb question... Is there such thing as a sub that is too powerful? I assume that you can just lower the volume on it, right?
I can't argue that the A9 produces the same bass as a good sub but they do a decent job for now. Is there any kit to make a sub wireless or am I just asking for problems? Also, if I add a sub does that mean that more power will be used for mid-high sounds. I mean will the A9s sound louder?
After a few hours, the A9s have a lot more bass. Looks like they need to be broke in. They are a lot more balanced now. I'm still debating if I need a sub. Do you guys think a sub is important for music or is it mostly for movies?
PsuKinger, that's great! How much was it?
PsuKinger, that would be great! XStanleyX, Is there any place where I could find the XV-15 at a better price?
I got my Polk RTiA9 speakers and my Pioneer SC-1222-K. Everything sounds amazing! It gets too loud before I can hear any distortion. Airplay is my favorite feature. Since most of my friends and I have an iPhone we can very easily just play any songs in our library. Thanks everybody for your help! I might add a sub at some point. The bass of the Polks is loud and very clear but lacks that punch feeling. What do you guys think about these: Hsu VTF2 mk4 ($529) Premier...
Double post.
Wow, thanks for all your replies guys. Elihawk, I checked the ascend acoustic cmt340s and they look a little short. I know this might sounds stupid to most audiophiles but I'm also looking for a nice piece of furniture. Geoff4RFC, do you think the Pioneer SC-1222-K would be powerful enough? The website says: 600 watts all channels driven power output. Power rating on receivers is little bit confusing so I'm not sure what this means. Jay1, these will be against a wall so...
My goal is to build a 2.1 system to play music, think Top 40. The problem is that I don't know much about sound systems. So I would greatly appreciate your input. What do you guys think about the Polk RTiA9? They are $500 on newegg. Do you have any suggestions for something
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