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Any thoughts out there about the (must be) upcoming REAL 4K projectors from JVC probably Cedia 2014? Personally I hope for at least 1200 calibrated lumens to fill my 150" cine scope screen and with II and possibly E-shift 4 to fake 8K. MSRP?
Yes U are right of course and it's bad 4 us but good for Sony...
Hi Mark did you watch the live Panasonic press conference today? they announced a new 4K hair dryer that you can use while watching your PJ and it will even moisturise your hair while giving U a blowjob... 😜
They did announce a 4K HD today during the press conference at CES to bad it was a HD = Hair Dryer.😄
Hi any more news about the HD91 test or when it will be released ? /Christian
This video is a maybe a bit outdated... 2008 a lot has happened to LCD displays since then.
Yes it's too bad they don't disclose which projectors that were used in the comparison. This link has some more information. http://www.sacbee.com/2013/10/03/5790671/study-reveals-9-out-of-10-people.html
Here's a link to an article that claims 9 of 10 prefer 3LCD Hopefully not already posted if so please delete. http://www.aboutprojectors.com/news/2013/10/03/study-shows-consumers-prefer-3lcd-over-dlp-projectors/ /Christian
Great pictures and obviously a great pj. Price? /Christian
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