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That makes perfect sense. I'm thinking now I put 2 separate 20amp outlets on their own circuit in the equipment closet The third circuit will be the projector itself and the screen wall plug in red. Will all the other general outlets be fine on their own circuit? Most of them will be unused but there to comply with code.
Attached is my electrical plan. For the experts, Is 3 circuits good for this scenario? One for the lighting,one for the equipment, and one for the outlets. And lastly a basic question (I am not doing the electrical myself, I will pay a licensed electrician to do it) is 3 empty breaker spots enough for this? I have 5 available but just curious.  
After many, many modifications I have finally progressed to a point where I felt I would make a new thread. 90% of the framing is done and all I have left is to frame the closet and one wall in the "hall" portion of the room. I started with a big empty walk in attic and it is quickly shaping into a nice room. Hopefully I will get the framing inspected next week and I will start on getting bids for electrical. As soon as electrical is done I will insulate and get the AC...
Access to storage and equipment closet.
Ok good people, I am now planning my riser. I have an odd L shaped room that is 22ft long. The narrow part is 10 ft wide, the wide part is 14 ft wide. I am trying to get a sketch up done and wanted some opinions on the current plan. As you can see the corner that is 19" front of riser to wall is real slim. The overall riser is going to be 9' 4'' wide, and 6 ft deep. The screen distance from front row is about 11 1/2 ft. I plan on having 2 separate recliners in the...
No, not quite what you're thinking. . . . . . FRAMING. What a learning experience. I've built the Same wall 3 times over and finally got it right. The number one thing I've learned: if the area your framing on isn't level all hell breaks loose. End rant.
Ok, still in design mode. My 1st floor has 10 ft ceilings in the bedrooms. The hallway, kitchen, and the living room has 12 ft ceilings. Thus the attic floor isn't all one height. I will have a short hallway (6 ft) leading into my theater. The floor here in the hall is about 14" taller than the floor of the theater. I want to put the door for the hall at the top of the hump. I can build a step in the theater, but don't know how practical that is. Anyone have any...
I forgot to add that the entrance door will be at the top of the hump.
This is in my existing house 2nd floor. The unfinishedw storrage has a roof support pole in it and that is what is preventing me from having a 14x21 room. Attached are some pics of the area: The closet on the right has unfinished storage also. when i say unfinished the flooring is down just bare studs.
Thanks for the input. I will most definitely have 2 rows. The unfinished storage will give me a 5x11 storage room.
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