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Fingers crossed!
I've done some reading and see that on a 7.1 AVR with a single RCA sub out, a Y splitter right at the AVR can be used to split the output to make a 7.2 system. If I were to do this, is there any benefit to using 2 more Y splitters so both the left and right channels of each sub are connected?
I've got a BDP-103 and have a question about the Netflix streaming through the 103. My internet provider is a member of Netflix open connect--so I have access to "Super HD" content. When I stream a super HD program, the quality setting lists as being "X-High HD." I understand that this is the outdated descriptor. Netflix says my player is not compatible with Super HD, and this is why I am getting this descriptor and why I am not able to stream in super HD. Oppo says...
Thank you, both. I had looked at the Darblet thread, and found it to be helpful, but was hoping to see some 103 owner's experiences as to the effect. Sounds like it might be worth it?
I have the BDP-103 and love it. I got it for the video processing power it has and am very happy with the PQ it produces. That said, I've been looking at getting the Darblet but am not sure if I will see any PQ benefit given the abilities of the 103 that are currently enabled. Do any of you 103 owners also use the Darblet? If so, do you recommend it?
I have a question regarding the best way to set up my system. I cannot decide which way would be better, if at all. Sharp LC-70LE847U Denon 1613 Explorer Cable Box Oppo BDP-103 Here's my question. The Oppo manual suggests splitting the output with HDMI1 output going straight to the TV and HDMI2 output going to the AVR. The other more simple way I could set up the system would be to route both audio and video via HDMI1 out on the Oppo to the Denon AVR and the use the...
Did a reboot of the Denon. Now it is working and displaying PL IIc. Thanks!
Hmmm. I thought I did that.
All, Is there a way to make stereo input (such as from broadcast tv) output to my center channel speaker as well as my front speakers? My feeling is that since I bought a center speaker, I want sound to come out of it. I have a Denon 1613 and an Oppo BDP-103. The cable input runs through both so settings on either would work. I see in the manual for the Oppo about the settings for down converting 7.1 to 5.1 or 5.1 to stereo, but nothing about up converting--if that is...
I have a 1613 and have a problem with the audio randomly cutting out while watching cable. The cable box is a Cisco 8652HDC. The cable runs from the box to the HDMI in back on my Oppo BDP-103 then the video goes to my tv via HDMI 1 and the audio goes to the Denon via the HDMI 2. The audio is on Dolby D but the audio will randomly cut out and the little Dolby symbol on the Denon display and "DIG" icon will disappear for a second. Any solution?!
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