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I own them, they just are not hooked up (there is also no place to put the center speaker with my current set up). Getting speaker wire and hooking them up would only band aid a problem I do not yet know how to solve otherwise, which I am trying to do. The 2 fronts are indeed hooked up properly, as in they are not plugged into the jacks for the rears or anything. Center is turned OFF, so my receiver SHOULDN'T be believing it is there. This is the problem I wish to solve.
Speakers are hooked up properly. That was one of the first things I checked.
Any other thoughts?
There is no way that I have found to do that. The button I use to set center and sub and turn them off only cycles through those two, never an option for rears.
Test tones come out of fronts ok. It cycles through front left, then right, then the rears which I do not have hooked up so there is not sound. It never displays center since I have it off. Sub is also off.
I have my ps3 hooked up to my Harman Kardon AVR 55 via optical cord. The audio settings on my ps3 for optical are Linear PCM 2 chn. 44.1 khz and 48 khz, which are the defaults. Although it is a surround capable receiver I only have 2 speakers hooked up to it and so haven't set any other settings for output on the ps3. The issue is that I have the super quiet voices super loud everything else thing going on, as if I had it set to surround but without a center speaker...
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