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Thank you, will take a look
somebody has an idea?
Okay, maybe I need to select other speakers? I was thinking about something different: DAC: Fiio e10 75$ AMP:lepai lp-2020a+ with 5A PSU (+ capacitor mods) = 35$ speakers: no idea What do you guys suggest for this low cost , beat stereo in a box () , project ? Something that fits with the amp and is reasonably priced(
THANK YOU Yeah it just needs to be an alround system to listen to music (sometimes higher than average volume), I want it te be as cheap as possible (I want something as close as possible to a sony / panasonic etc. speakers in a box solution. I was personally thinking about: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fmak8wui2yh9zop/audio-explained%20%28setup1%29.png (fiio e10 + amp + cambrdige audio s30), But since you told me the amp isn't that good maybe I should look for something...
So what is a good (budget) amp combination for the camebridge s30 speakers? Is it possible to find a good sub 100 $ amp? (preferably less)
Hello everybody,I got a quick question, Is the topping tp 20 amppowerfull enough to drive the cambridge s30?Will this be a good combination, or is the amp not powerfull engough?Thanks in advance
ty guys
hmmm, okay thank you. I've ordered a new system because it is power efficient. I know there are better raids than raid 1 , but they aren't available for 2 disks afaik. (I plan to run raid 5 if I run out of storage). Does anyone know a good website with all nas software compared? What program should I use to sync folders between devices? unraid: just saw that unraid doesn't support 'real' raid, but they created their own raid-technology with great advantages. I think it's...
Hello everybody, I wanted a Nas, so I decided to build my own . I've ordered some hardware (still waiting to arrive): CPU: Intel Celeron g1610 motherboard: Asrock H77M (Support RAID 0 , 1 , 5 and 10) Ram: 4GB 1600mhz HDD: 2 x 2TB western digital green So now I've ordered everything, I've started thinking what software I should use. I want to have a safe setup, so if a disk fails, my data isn't lost. So I was thinking to use raid 1. That brings the following question...
I'm here again I think I'm going to take another case (aerocool qx 2000). This cases take normal atx psu's, so I need to find a cheap power supply I want this: -ATX standard -80-plus certified -needs to be silent -max length 140mm I saw this one http://www.bequiet.com/en/powersupply/296 for only 35.9 euros, which is really cheap I think, but I can't find reviews of this psu :s, Does anyone know if it's a good one, or does anyone has suggestions? or this one :...
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