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I see. Understood. Kind of what I figured would be the answer, I just didn't have a bluray and a SBS file that were the same to test it on. Thank you for your help
Just wondering if I have an actual 3d bluray version of a movie and a HSBS/SBS version of the same movie is there any difference in the effect of the 3d? Is there more depth or pop out if I watch it on the Blu-ray Disc? Or will the HSBS/SBS give the same effect?
Awesome. A member on another forum said the same thing. I ordered a couple pairs of the cheapy Ebay glasses. Ill report how they work when I get them
Arrrrgh!!!!!! The more I play, the worse I seem to get
I've searched everything I can think of through Google, hopefully someone here can give me a confirmed answer. Please be patient, I am new to 3d I bought my Benq a couple weeks ago. It was on sale for $200. It wasn't only the price that made me choose this projector, it said right on the box that it supported 3d bluray playback. I have a brand new high speed HDMI cable. In the projectors 3d menu I can select 4 different 3d settings(side by side, frame sequential, top...
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