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For my PS3/Blu-ray, I just leave it on Auto-Surround. It automatically uses the best format based on the disc being played and it will show you on your display what it's using. I don't remember the exact diff between Direct and Pure Direct but I know I've read about it many times in this thread. Almost everything has already been asked once...just google your question and it will probably lead you to somewhere in this thread.If you are new to all of this like I was last...
Dazz, I change the auto surround sound to the ALC setting when watching normal tv to help bring out the vocals. I find it sounds much more natural and louder. Don't use this setting on blu-rays though because it doesn't sound right. Leave that on auto-surround for the best/proper sound. After changing it once your receiver will remember..in other words normal tv is always ALC setting and once the PS3 starts it goes to auto-surround. Hope that helps. PJ
Just looking for a used Anti-mode 8033. thanks.
I mean "Bad" as in ruining or altering the overall sound. I haven't played with it enough to tell if I'm missing certain sounds by using the Flat setting. That's why I'm wondering what others experience is with this. For now I'm still using the setting but I haven't watched any action movies yet.
Hit the mcacc button on your remote once. Then click up or down on the directional pad until you get to Dialogue. Options are Flat or Off.
What is your guys opinion on turning the Dialogue setting to Flat? I think I'm starting to like this setting but I don't know if it's actually a bad thing to do. thanks.
Change scene mode to game mode to stop all extra processing.
Hello All,Just an update that I figured this out. It's exactly as you see in the video link that I provided below. I originally thought that when my phone was doing this that it was just using basic DLNA and that maybe every smartphone could do this. I hadn't upgraded my phone in ages so I didn't know. Anyways the feature is sick and couldn't be any easier. For anything that's playing on my phone (picture,music,video) I just simply hit the menu and it shows both my...
Also make sure you use a drive that doesn't have any software on it. I picked up some Lexar brand 8GB from Target yesterday for almost $12 and it worked great but the Sandisk one I already had wouldn't work..and that had it's own software on it.
Has anyone here synced their HTC One to the their receiver via the supposedly seamless HTC Connect feature? I just got the newest HTC One from Verizon and I can't figure out how to make this work. I have the SC-61 and it has the latest firmware update via USB. thanks.
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