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Anyone have any ideas!?
Thanks for the clarification.One more problem I'm running into, and maybe someone can help me out, is that I can't play music via bluetooth to the soundbar via PC. I have successfully setup a few phones to play music over bluetooth to the soundbar so I got excited about being able to play music from my computer in the den to the soundbar in the living room, without having to load it to a phone first, so I went out and buy an A2DP bluetooth dongle for my PC and set it up...
Can someone answer this for me, it's regarding the iphone settings/troubled bars. I got my new soundbar and just tested it on a friends iphone5s, in accessibility settings you can move the slider left or right and i can hear sound coming out of both, so I assume my bar is working? However, just above the slider there is a button for "mono audio" and when i hit that, the sound from the soundbar gets a tad louder and sounds a bit fuller perhaps. Is that just a random...
Just to be clear, my store now has in stock that says September 2013 on the box and mine is one of the defective ones. September will be a properly working unit, correct?
Ok, a quick question. It seems like each different "source" doesn't remember a particular volume and that what really happens is if you're on a certain volume level it pertains to each source you switch to. So, i'm sitting here watching tv with the bar connected to my s60 with the optical cable but then if i play music via bluetooth and switch sources to bluetooth the music is absolutely blaring. it seems like i have to really get the volume up quite a bit to get it to...
I got it working with a random optik TV remote that my tv provider gives me.
/\... anyone?
The remote I'm using is the one with my optik tv, so it turns on and off my optik box and tv. then i programmed that remote to learn the volume for my pioneer soundbar. so it's working as i'd like except it's controlling the volume on the tv AND soundbar.
Yah I already looked in the booklet before posting (it barely has anything in it) and i still can't find it for the life of me. kind of frustrating because then i have to use the other remote for volume.
What the **** are you yapping on about? I bought the new pioneer soundbar that everyone is talking about in another thread, not sure what the price of it has to do with anything but I had absolutely no budget when I chose the s60/pioneer combo. Congrats are your super detective work clicking on 'all posts', though. Let me know when you have something intelligent to ad or can even answer my question.Does anyone actually know how?? i went and looked on my older panny and it...
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