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please see this gallery for photos of the two different configurations I uploaded. http://postimage.org/gallery/awg05wny/2a837cf3/ "Either I connect each of the 2 wires so that one wire goes to HF(+) / HF(-) and the other to LF(+) / LF(-)" http://postimage.org/image/9e6rhg3tp/ or "I connect each of the 2 wires so that one wire goes to HF(+) / LF(-) and the other to LF(+) / HF(-)" http://postimage.org/image/wi78a174t/
yup, all wires from the black terminals going in the receiver are going to black terminals on the speakers, and vice versa for the red terminals. What's confusing is that instead of one wire going to HF(+) and HF(-), it could also go to HF(+) and LF(-), which is what the manual seems to be suggesting to do.
oh I see! so it will look like the option (2) on the original post, with wire going to both LFs and another wire going to both HFs. That makes sense to me, idk why the manual says otherwise though!
hi commsysman, thanks for your reply. I'm actually bi-wiring these speakers. How should I be connecting the wires to do that?
Hi, and thanks for any help you can give me in bi-wiring my Wharfedale Crystal 2.40 front loudspeakers to my receiver. A manual for the speakers I found on the net suggests that I need to connect the wires from the receiver to the binding posts on the opposite ends of the speaker. (under Connecting Your Loudspeakers -Standard Connections) But that would mean I am connecting the (+) end of the wire to the LF and the (-) end of the wire to the HF. That doesnt seem...
thanks for your advice lockdown where I live (NZ), a receiver and 5.1 speaker set are very expensive (upward $2000). I agree that the AV Receiver option is more flexible but the price difference makes the BD Player option alluring. But apart from the price, is there a technical difference which would sway my decision? (like decoding capabilities). I will be playing DVD/BD movies and 5.1 PC games. Thanks again!
Hello, and thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. I'm planning on building a HTPC using my: PC (Windows 7, ATI 6870 with 1 HDMI OUT, and X-Fi Titanium with 1 Optical IN, 1 Optical OUT) HDTV (Panasonic TH-P42U20Z with 3 HDMI INPUT and 1 Optical OUT) and either a BD Player Home Theatre system or an AV Receiver. I had my mind set on an entry level AV Receiver with HDMI Inputs and Outputs, like Sony STR-DH810. To my knowledge, to connect the 3 components I...
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