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Very funny….
This is an update of my LG LM7600. After having this TV for over a year now all I can say is I am very satisfied with my selection. Yes, I did have to have the panel replaced do to excessive bleeding. But after that was done it turned in to a great set. I still look at this TV and go wow! Especially when I have a great blu ray on, like the new Dukes of September concert. Next up is to replace my LG bluray player, the BP 620. I am going with the OPPO 103 for replacement....
My wife and I really enjoy this show. One episode left to watch. One of the best things on TV.
Very nice setup. Done without a huge budget and realistic components.
Not a gamer and really don't use 3d.
I am using the Cnet settings with sharpness at 20 and local dimming at med. Looks great. :roll eyes:
Very cool. Proves you don't need big bucks for big results.
I use Mediabridge with great success. http://www.mediabridgeproducts.com/store/pc/Medialink-Powerline-Network-Adapter-Kit-2-Units-Ethernet-HomePlug-AV-200Mbps-206p240.htm Always a great connection.
New firmware installed. I think maybe the blacks are better. But as my wife stated you might be influenced by the forum. Hope everyone in the US had a Happy Thanksgiving. Buying a new 24 inch Samsung for our bedroom today. Need to find calibration settings again. Oh well.
I use the Cnet setting as well. With some adjustment. It is a good place to start.
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