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Harmon/Kardon AVR 1700....I give 95/100 for the following reasons.... the good: superb sound quality, lots of input options, good power/channel, 5.1 with ez-set equalizer. Also, a lot of avr have "green " settings which are lower in power consumption, but this unit only draws. 2w of power in standby. The less than perfect: the h/k app for phone / tablet rarely works. The not so wonderful: No video upconvert,but at this price I Can hardly complain, also Can only...
Jeff before you try for firmware update on the receiver I suggest upgrading the projector firmware, because upgrading the firmware for the receiver is easy to download if there is one
honestif it's not too much trouble, look for the Polk 505 over the 10, usually only 15-20$ difference, but a huge quality of sound, just a suggestion
also Amazon
How small? Bookshelf or even smaller? What kind of budget? Since you have Polk front (and center? ) I would suggest Polk rears, just watch for sales, they are always happening. If you don't have a center, I would suggest a center before the rears, if you don't already
Have you tried restarting the app? Or closing Wi-Fi and reconnecting?
For a 10 inch sub, I would suggest setting the crossover to 80-100 Hz for the speakers, the 10 inch setting for the sub is set at 100 Hz. Seeing as the speakers are 5 1/2 inches for the midrange, 100 Hz should be fine.
There have been others with the same problem, and so far has been as easy as replacing the HDMI cable, often times it's a HDMI handshake issue, are you running all of your components through the receiver first? If not, you may have to exchange it
From what I understand about bi-wiring/bi-amping is that since the larger speaker use more power, that essentially they get first dibs, then the midrange /tweeters. And the the speaker has jumpers already built in, via brass connectors, I was just going to make a more secure, and less resistive contact with the speaker wire
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