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yeah where i am at they are sold out of the the gt50 all sizes and dont have any 55inch vt50 so i will get the 55" st50 tonight o my way home. how do you like it so far?
I have heard the gt50 has more lag than the st50 is this tru? thanks gt50-26 st50-16
yeah i have been set on getting the st50 since june but havent found the time to get and now that i do lol they have one left! but i might have enough for the 60" i will have to see saturday. I am getting panasonic no matter what i just looked at all there plasmas and they all have near perfect scores so thats what iwill be focusing on, ive just never owned a plasma and from what everyone has said they seam to be the best for games and movies
well best buy doesnt have the 55" gt50 they would have to order it i just called and asked how many they had. should i get another brand plasma
thanks guys for the help i would love to get the 60 inch but its a little out of my price range i think i will end up with a 55" inch as far as screen size im really looking at the gt50, i realy didnt know they were so close in price
I will be trying to gt the st50 from bestbuy this weekend but there is only one left. If i can i will try to get the 55"gt if anyone has had them price match someone please let me know to whem it was matched with so i can see if i can get the same deal. It would help me tremendously and thanks in advance.!
right, i mean 50-55 i would be absolutely fine with, i would like 55" but 50 would be plenty. this tv will be a gaming and movie machine so i wanted a tv with the best picture and 3d!
i would like a 55 but if i have to settle for the 50 i guess i can suffice or save up for the 60
I was going to go this weekend to best buy and get the 55" panasonic st50. I just called and they said they had one left, if the tv sells before i get there this weekend which tv would you recommend i have been without a dam tv too long now so i am getting SOMETHING no matter what haha. Thanks price range is around the st50 which is $1299. thanks
Thanks everyone i will be getting the 55" st50 this weekend.any tips on breaking it in? I personally have never owned a plasma, what is the best way to break one in, should i leave the picture how it is out the box since i heard its dim, and run the slides for 4-5 days strait?
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