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Construction complete! Now help is needed on choosing more stuff: So far I've purchased the screen and projector: Da-Lite Cinema Contour 81x144" 16:9 screen Pro-Trim HD Pro 1.1 Perf Panasonic PT-AE8000u I'm trying to decide on processing, amplification and speakers now. As stated above, I AM NOT a DIYer (no offense taken) and I am working with a buddy of mine who does high-end commercial sound for churches, stadiums, etc. They do not do a lot of home theater stuff...
Great. I'm going with the PS4. Bummer that come Christmas morning I'll be hooking it up to a 40" until my theater is finished. Thanks for all of the input. Merry Christmas.
Man, would you mind setting it up with a direct compare? I'm really leaning toward the PS4 even though we've been an Xbox family for a while In fact, I just purchased the new Lego Marvel game and Injustice. I can't wait to see what Injustice fighting game looks like on my screen!
Thanks for the info. Anyone else?
I have purchased both consoles but have opened neither of them. My theater is coming along nicely but is not finished but the general gist is I'll be projecting my games onto a 12' wide 16:9 screen using a Panasonic 8000 projector. One of these consoles will be a Christmas gift for my kids. I understand the PS4 beats the XB1 on raw graphics computing power but am interested to see if any of you have played either console using a projector. I think I'd rather own the...
Well, just got all my bids in today from the general contractors. Have to go through them a little bit and decide on one soon so I can get this ball rolling. BTW, I spoke with Keith at Sherbourn. Sounds like this might be something worth considering: http://www.sherbourn.com/collections/theater/products/pt-7030-and-free-pa-7-150 Keith seemed to think their 150 wpc amp paired with the pre/pro 7030 would be more than adequate for my space. He did raise a couple of...
Yeah, I guess 'overkill' is probably not recognized vocabulary. I need to get with the program. I guess I should have asked if that set up would be kick a** better than one without the amp and worth the extra cash.
Would this be overkill or worth the extra grand? http://www.sherbourn.com/products/pa7350 paired with http://www.amazon.com/Denon-AVR-4311CI-Channel-Multi-Room-Receiver/dp/B0042KVX2S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1371514618&sr=8-1&keywords=denon+avr+4311 I think it would be a thousand bucks more than just the newer Denon AVR but the consensus sounds like I should get a separate amp and I see this sale on the amp. I
Thanks for the clarification. If I go with a nice pre-amp, what features/power should I be looking for in the AVR? Is it recommended to have something with the Audyssey equalizer in it?
LOL, no offense taken at all With one of the AVS guys I can get the projector (refurb) for $15k. I've spoken with the rep numerous times about my set up. I am going with an AT screen which is 2.4 and 130" wide. My throw distance is 19'. That does limit some of the projectors I could use and still have a good fL on the 1.5 gain screen. That doesn't mean something else may not work but I can probably stomach $15k but I would not an extra $10k. My original budget for...
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