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Everyone having lip sync issues after update, it seems in the audio options the lip sync feature was reset to +3 so just put it back to 0 and it should work.
Just got my tv delivered with serial#wap06. Looks great sounds great preloaded with 1.1.5 firmware. Even when fast forward or rewinding DVR seem a lot quicker wonder if it has a better processer.
I have my tv being delivered tomorrow and its very cold out should I let the tv warm up before turning it on?
YesYea that's flashlighting.Very annoying.
I had a bad serial number43 and just called to say I had a bad flashlighting issue during dark scenes which was true. And they said because of my serial# it had to be replaced. I still had picture and everything just flashlight and they told me it still needed to be replaced simply because of the number not the problem.
I also have noticed this. I got the Firmware update and cable is ok for me but I notice it when watching blu-rays. Very annoying.
I agree if your tv has no problems don't return it my issue of light bleed was pretty significant. If not for that I would have kept it.
Do you have a lot of light bleed during dark scenes?
Just called Vizio I couldn't take the light bleed during dark scenes anymore. They said I had a bad serial #43 and no questions ask they are sending me a new one.
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