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Thanks for the tip. I didn't change any color settings. I just referenced them in case they were the issue. When resolution is set to Auto, the AVR does not send a picture back to the TV. That is my problem. Either AVR is not reading the resolution or Blueray is not sending it correctly. Picture appears if I manually set the resolution to anything other than Auto or 1080p. Obviously I want to watch movies in 1080p which doe not work. Maybe I will try to hook up another...
I checked the firm ware and there is not a newer version
Thanks for the tip. I tried to set the resolution on the Blueray player and found the following. When I set it to 480p, 720p or 1080i, it works and I get a picture when playing a DVD. Setting the resolution to Auto or 1080p does not work I have 1080p display mode set to 60Hz as opposed to 24Hz and HDMI color setting is set to YCbCr as opposed to RGB I changed HDMI cables to remove that variable. It is not the cable. Any other thought? Maybe a firmware update on the BD390?
I have a Harman Kardon AVR 5.1 receiver and hooked up several devices to it via HDMI and then have a single HDMI connection to the TV. Cable box and apple tv work but the Blueray player, a LG BD390, does not. Audio is fine but no video signal comes back to the TV. When I turn the Blueray player on, I get the start up screen for a couple secs and the resolution Of 480i shows up for a sec. Then once the AVR recognizes the device, no video signal is going to the TV. I tried...
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