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We just got it last week for $450 from Amazon.So you think it's possible that the contact on the AVR was broken by the other end of the cable (into the TV) being damaged?Also, see below. I don't think the pins are damaged.
Which part?Any advice for me?
Denon customer rep told me that it had to do with the length of the HDMI cable (25ft). Which sounds like bs. They also told me to unplug the HDMI cords and turn everything off for 20 minutes to "dissipate the HDMI charge". Which also sounds like bs. But I did it and it didn't fix anything.
If anyone could help with this, it'd be greeaaaatly appreciated! Everything was working as intended until someone bent the end of the hdmi cable going into the TV from the AVR (instant no signal). So now there's a new HDMI cable running from monitor out on the AVR to the TV. No video signal. I still get audio but no video! Why would this be? The cable does work by the way if you go directly from the source instead of the AVR. What have I screwed up?! Thanks! AVR is...
There's a doorway right next to the TV (left wall). There's also a bay window on the left wall.Also, the right most "wall" has a massive doorway into the next room. It's not closed off at all.Does this change your assessment?
Thanks for the reply. To be clear, front corner?
I have subwoofer placement question for you all. I'm trying to help my parents in their home AV setup. They just purchased new equipment (60" VT60, new Denon AVR, etc). I'm trying to make the most of their audio setup which is unfortunately in-ceiling speakers. Oddly, the subwoofer has been hidden behind the couch for a while (that's where it comes out of the wall). If I was to move it somewhere, where should I put it? I was thinking on the front wall either to the right...
I'm getting a Denon AVR-X1000 (with Audyssey MultEQ XT). I know this is a vague question, but would you anticipate the room correction to have a big difference on our in-ceiling speakers. I know that audio setup is far from ideal, but it's what we have. Do you think it could help? Thanks!
Thank you all for your responses! We bought the TV. They tried to mark us up to $1400 but we got them back down to $1300.
I was told by a Best Buy rep that this model would only last 2 years because of all the use in the store. Is this completely off?
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