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I had the same issue with my Onkyo 818 (and now Onkyo 1010). I just spliced a mono 3.5mm jack to a USB cable and connected it to the back USB port, the USB port is only active when the receiver is on, so it functions like a 12v trigger without the hassle of toggling different zones on. Hope this helps.
HOW TO CHECK FOR TOTAL HOURS ON PANASONIC PLASMANOTE: Minutes are also shown in the Service Menu while just the hours are shown in the Display's Menu. You may want to verify the Display's Menu Method (Status4) matches the Service Menu on your model.DISPLAY'S MENU METHOD (Thanks to users Lost! and LarryInRI)Menu > Help > Version > Status4. The number after the letter represents the hours. That value increments every 60 minutes of "On" time.[Status 4 starts with A up to 100,...
Selling a pair of used Polk F/XiA6 surround speakers in black -- excellent cosmetic condition -- no grill tears, scratches or dents. They are also 100% functional -- I'm simply looking to try a different surround speaker. Price is $300 + actual shipping costs to the lower 48 states. I'll eat PayPal fees. Thanks
One pending sale, one still for sale.
Unit has been sold.
PM responded to. Also willing to sell these individually if i can find two buyers.
FS: PSA Power Sound Audio XS15 subwoofer. These are the version that includes the base, which currently retails for $849.00 a sub. Asking $600 plus actual shipping, I'll eat PayPal fees. Would prefer local pickup in the central Wisconsin, but i do have the original boxes, so i can ship at the buyer's expense. I purchased these about six months ago from another member, the warranty us transferred in my name, which has about 3.5 years remaining. Just looking to try...
Hi, Looking to sell my Onkyo TX-NR818 7.2 Channel AV Receiver. I purchased this less than a year ago directly from Amazon. The unit has no issues, 100% functional and zero cosmetic issues. It was gently used in a pet free / child free / smoke free home. Includes all original accessories. Will ship in original double boxes. Reason for selling is that I am looking to switch to a Denon AVR. Here is a link to the Onkyo...
But you get something brand new and get rid of the old piece of junk =)I'm running dual XS15s and could really use the SubEQ, I'll be listing my Onkyo 818 and XPA-5 when I find a 4311ci or 4520.
Anyone got the itch to upgrade their Denon 4311 to something shiny and new? Can't find one at a reasonable price anywhere =(
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