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I think that did the trick. There's no option to disable CEC/Control/NetCommand in my TV's menus but I guess since I had left my HDMI input as the generic HDMI1, the TV would figure out that it was connected to a AVR when I switched inputs and then would kill the HDMI connection whenever the TV turned off. I set HDMI1 to GAME and now it stays as GAME when I switch inputs, thanks!
I've already had just about all the insides replaced under best buy warranty and I've got a spare lamp. I was hoping to get a few more years out of it, but I finally upgraded my receiver since my old Yamaha didn't have HDMI and I ran out out HDMI inputs on the TV.
this works well to fix the problem but even with hdmi control turned off on my pioneer VSX-51 my Mitsubishi 65733 keeps losing my hdmi connection whenever the tv turns off and i have to reset to get it back. does anyone know a solution? i'd move the tv into another room and just get a new tv but i don't have any other rooms that can fit this tv...
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