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Ok, I went and had a chat to one of the guys there. He recommended the following: Denon AVR1713 with Wharfedale VARDUS PACK which consists out of: 2 x Vardus VR-400 2 x Vardus VR-50 1 x Centre Speaker 1 x Vardus VR SUB 8 Anyone familiar with this setup and can provide some input?
Hi 4DHD! I included a link to Harvey Norman in my initial post, that takes you to their Audio section which shows what's available.Basically I want to know if the Yamaha is a good package or whether there's a better setup by combining a different amp, sub and speakers from what's available for sale at Harvey Norman.At this point I just really need amp, sub, 1 mid front, 2 left/right front speakers.
Hello there! I've never owned a decent sound system, but my kids are old enough now so that I can put the speakers on a bit louder, with a bit more bass. Now the thing is, I don't know the first thing about sounds and I've only got a few devices that will hook into the sound system. I'm looking for your recommendation for a setup using components available from Harvey Norman, this is because I can get a discount. My TV is a Panasonic TH-L55WT50. I've got an Xbox 360...
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