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Success! I did replace the hdmi cable to the AVR and everything seems to be working great
Ok, did connect straight to the source(PS3) and didn't see the black screen once. I am curious about just splitting the line to go straight to the source and to the receiver. I do not believe my HDMI cable from my PS3 to me receiver is Redmere. I guess I need to try swapping that our for a better cable or try a splitting the line. Since it appears that the issue is with my receiver(or ps3 cord) is there any reason to try the corrector? Thanks for the help!
Quick update. Tried connecting the HDMI directly to the projector, no luck. Did get a new Redmere cable, no luck. I'm afraid that Exist could be correct. Since I got my receiver on sale for $200 it seems silly to put more money into it. Guess I live with it until I find a way to justify getting a new receiver.
I've been having issues displaying 1080P through my projector. Picture is fine for 90% of the time but will flash black at certain times. From my understanding it's because my HDMI cable is too long from one source to the other. Here's my current set up. I have a 25 foot HDMI cord being ran from Harman Kardon AVR-1700 to a HDMI wall plate on the ceiling. I then have a 1 food HDMI cable ran to my Epson 3020. I've tried two different HDMI boosters but this has not...
Working on finsihing up my theater area. This will be in a basement and the light will completly controlled and can be completly dark. I have a epson 3020. 3d is fun but not the most important. What suggestion does anyone have for the gain amount I need for a screen. Can I get away with a Cinewhite screen if it'll be rather dark? Thanks!
Just purchased a Epson 3020 and I think I'm going to be very happy with this for the time being. Now I need to decide on a screen, probably going to be between 100-120". Max budget is going to be around $400. Yes I know I can't get an outstanding screen for the price but that doesn't mean I can't the best screen for the price. Room is a soon to be finished basement with no windows and compleate control of the light. Will have a little 3D use but just for a few fun...
Hello, New to posting but have read up on the forums for awhile. I'm in the process of finhising my basement and of course had to make a media room. Only 3 sides will be closed in but I think I can make this work out pretty well with a low budget. Currently looking at the Epson 3020, price point is right, reviews good and yes I do want 3D. With that being said what afforadable screen to do suggest for this projector and to have 3D. Currently I'm looking at Elite's...
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