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Correct, I believe the difference is just them being from different divisions of JVC.
I just got a new Panasonic AE8000U projector so I am selling my JVC DLA-RS46U. It is in great condition and was used in a smoke-free dedicated theater for the last year. It has 830 hours on the bulb that originally came with it, and it comes with a new unopened spare bulb. Recommended hours for these bulbs are between 3000-4000 hours, so it still has plenty of life in the original. It also comes with the Chief interface bracket for Chief RPA Series projector mounts. MSRP...
It's almost ready to use!!!! Seats got delivered today, took a gamble on 4seating.com and the transaction went really smooth and the seats were in amazing shape, they are the Lane 160's. Jamestown Screen frame somewhat assembled, going to finish it tomorrow when I have some help to tension it.
Here's the paint and carpet samples. The actual paint used was Kwal that was color matched to these. The samples were from Lowes of Valspar brand paint. The Aspen Gray was eggshell finish and the Rogue Blue is flat. The carpet is from Home Depot.
Theater In-Walls and In-Ceilings Installed!
It's the Sanus CFR2144It comes with a TON of accessories which makes it a really great deal and quite a bit less than any similar MA rack.It was actually pretty easy to get downstairs after taking the sides and doors off too.
A lot has happened in the last week. Here is how the bar area turned out. I'd say it's pretty spot on with the rendering The bar top, it's a little over 12' long (You don't even know how glad I am to finally be done with the wet saw) Picked up a few pieces of gear late this afternoon Some updated shots of the theater...now with paint and scones!!!! We're really happy with how the color turned out, it's exactly what we were going for Carpet is getting...
Here's the 3D render of the wet bar area. We'll see how the actual setup matches this on Friday!
I totally forgot to mention that I finally got my speakers figured out and ordered. And the winning in-walls are...... ....... .... ....... TRIAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the specifics: THEATER Mains & Center - InWall Silver/6 LCR x 3 Front Height - InWall Mini/4 Sat x 2 Mid Surrounds - InCeiling Bronze/8 Sat x 2 Rear Surrounds - InCeiling Bronze/8 Sat x 2 ZONE 2 Family Room - InCeiling Mini Open Rounds x 2 Hallway -...
Hey Jim, the length of the theater is a little over 24'I have a 3D rendering of the cabinets for the bar area, I'll scan it in when I get home this evening. Our cabinets should be showing up at the end of this week. So I might be able to get some of them installed over the weekend. We are planning to just do granite tile for the countertops, this will match what is existing in our kitchen.
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