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Understand completely. Thanks for sharing your setup. I'm comparing your setup to mine to determine if it's worth trying an amp to boost my midrange as well.
What are you using to push these speakers? AVR or amp? What brand/model?
Good googly-goo! WOW! Would love to watch Godzilla or Pacific Rim in your setup!
From what I've READ... the SM55s give the 8040s a run for their money. Best thing for you to do is to go to BB and demo them both. I know the 8040s are there, not too sure about the SM55s.
You will still need a sub. I would go Marantz, but that's my listening choice between the two AVRs. You'll need to demo to choose.
Wait for no more than $250. That seems like and fair price. Would prefer $200.
PS3 glasses work great! I also own some OKBA glasses as well. I did notice a slight improvement in the picture image. More an improvement with the color I was seeing.
I'll go with the 2D version now and get the Phase Two set when it comes out. Can't wait!
OK... So I stand corrected. I turned off the Video Conversion from my SC-65(Marvell) and increased the HD mode to 60%.... Wow! Now I see a POSITIVE difference with my picture. I am really happy that I stayed with this and kept reading this forum. I can personally confirm that the Darbee does not play well with Marvell Qdeo Processing. I really learn alot from you all on here. I really appreciate it.
This is weird to me. I have a Sony HW30ES pushing 11.5' to a 100" screen. I have my projector sharpness settings now at 11 with Motion Enhancer engaged at Low. I have the Darbee at 38% in HD mode and anything above that looks cartoonish.
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