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No, walls are still yellow.. I suppose I could hang black curtains along the side if I really wanted to. I have the projector set up using my old screen now. I like it a lot, but I just wonder if I would like it more with a better screen
Here is some more information: Projector: I finalized my decision and bought the HD20 Seated 14' from the screen basement- 95% of ambient light is controllable lighter colored walls & carpet main viewing source will be blurays or HD streaming I probably care about picture clarity, color vibrance and good black color, in that order. I realize it's a hard question to answer- I'm just wondering if maybe someone had experience with doing this kind of an upgrade themselves...
Personally I would say it's not too big. I have a 120" at 14', and I've moved the couch up a few times to enjoy a slightly closer view..
Many years ago I followed a DIY for making a 120" projector screen using seamless photography backdrop paper (which I purchased from national camera). I've been happy with it (except the one time my kids "colored it in" and I had to replace the paper..). Anyway, I'm getting a new projector- probably the Optoma HD20, and I'm considering if it's worth it to upgrade the screen as well. I was looking at this 120" Elite screen...
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