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hi! so, is it fine now? i want to leave a beamer in service to get new firwmare on this week.
With the direct cable connection the problem occurs not so frequent but it is not solved completely. yeah, same here from me, problem not resolved and appears even more often now =\ i cant open any folder in windows without image disabling after that. If that problem resolved it will be extremely good =)
hi there! Bad news, but i dont have any update here , but have some way to make my home theatre work. I already swapped projector twice to new one and problem stays, so its can be only problem in software of projectors and it way how it take signal from HTPC. (because 3 another works fine - tw2900, benq w600, acer 5360) I found that projector works fine when plugged directly into HTPC, without receiver. It can blink for 1 second to blank black, but only in windows folders...
Hab99 no, it works as planned, the distance between transmitter-signal receiver is less than 1 meter (they are laying near each over on floor), but exactly the artifacts of the image is looking slightly bad....
today i get this nyrius - its works, but image is very laggy and artifacting - like big JPEG compression on photos. This is visible only on changing objects like menus etc, on static picture all fine... thats bad - image with this quality not good for top home theater you know... i get 250$ spent on some unusefull trash ....
so its just wireless adapter, it can work with any projector? what about BD3d and OU or side-by-side 3d videos?
does anybody know - can i buy wireless hdmi adapters for my 8100(5020) separately?
projector didnt turning off - just showing "blank black" screen.. if image changed to ANYthing except white, it will work fine at all... in projector and receiver options ALL video functions turned off =\
no any suggestion? dead forum =\
Good day guys, please give me advice... On new year i make a gift for myself with new EPSON TW8100, to swap my TW2900 used for 2 years with pleasure So, close to a problem - 8100 is shutting off its image when a lot of white color in image (as white background in folders of windows, white flashes in cinema, etc) theres an youtube of it (sorry for russian speaking, i saying the same i write here) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxzZra-ueU8 My setup is Projector - 15...
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