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god damn is this update wicked!! it actually looks 3d.
scott name it pc and use game mode and you will have 0 lag
with the newest update the 2d-3d conversion trumps the 3d-bee converter. i just sold my 3d bee after seeing lgs go at it. very very impressive
set it to game mode. change hdmi name to pc or game
ok I bought the 3d-bee diamond. if you have any questions like is it good ect the answer will be its 3d and looks awesome but it does not popout objects but will give you the best 3d effect available from 2d sources. my rating is 95/100 5 points from perfection because it only does sbs no true popout and frame sequential does not work on my tv. text looks lightly funky but out of 100 is defintelty a 95. now it's complete I have tried out every converter and instead of...
I have the bee and mono price. seems to me you have a defective mono price. first you say theres no 3d effect then you say its so so?????? then you say its better than the monoprice which would have to have less than 3d meaning more 1 dimentional which is not posssible. I have both and the monoprice has better 3d in frame sequentail I tested both using the finger test the mono price had 1.4 feet of popout the bee caused eyestrain and focus issues resulting in 0 popout. I...
I have a anaglyph setup which I love, but I get ghosting and poor colors. how do I reduce this frankly? 1)should colors be well saturated ) two should I fine tune red up or down blue up or down ect 3) is their a program that does a better job at editing colors 4) help help help ANy advice really would make my day as im bored, I hope anyone reading this will respond as this forum can take some time to get responses on topic. ps i dont mind if the topic strays off to...
amd hd3d is not sbs. purchase tridef and stereoscopic player works with my amd setup
nick you should post questions or info that you know. LG is in full 1080p like active shutter glasses. its not half
I think magenta/green glasses will suit my needs and budget. you get 3d movies and games with good colors for 8 bucks/ or spend 1000 on great colors...colors that are slightly better is not worth the cash imo
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