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The manager at my local Walmart told me the Black Friday special is for a brand-new new 60" Vizio TV, not the refurbished one. YMMV.
Best. Tip. Ever.
Great review, Brett--thanks for posting! I am also a big fan of this TV and, no, you can't have too many of them! I was lucky enough to snag two of these for $698 each at Wal-Mart's Black Friday sale last year. Honestly, at that price, it felt like I was stealing them! And for what it's worth, I agree with you about the black levels--they can't be beat by other TVs in this price range.
No--the E601 has a built-in HD tuner, so a digital conversion box isn't necessary.
I'm using the Vizio XCV100 camera. My understanding is that you can't just use an "off the shelf" camera--it has to be the Vizio-branded camera.
I agree 100%! This forum has been very helpful in many ways, but this particular tip is the best yet! Also, the new Skype app is fantastic--I have found it much more convenient to make Skype calls with the Vizio app than having to deal with my computer.
Thank you for posting this! I've tried many different picture settings (including the CNET settings, Montecore's and several others from this forum and amazon.com, etc.) and I keep going back to the factory defaults! Occassionally, I will change the mode for sports (football, basketball, etc.), but I use "standard" 90% of the time and am very happy with it. I know that picture preferences are subjective, but I am glad to know I'm not missing something.
How do you reach that conclusion from these numbers?38 3 with 1 BOSD39 340 8 with 4 BSOD41 642 4 with 1 BOSD43 7 with 3 BSOD44 4 with 2 BSOD45 7 with 3 BOSD46 13 with 2 BSOD (most reported serial number)47 848 5By my count, there are 68 units reported with those serial numbers, and 16 have reported the BSOD. Doesn't that mean 52 didn't have the BSOD--or am I missing something?EDIT: Nevermind. After re-reading your post, I see you were referring to the two beginning...
I bought the Cheetah mount from Amazon and couldn't be more pleased. For $27, you get a mount that is less than an inch and a half thich, but is very sturdy--the E601-A3 looks like a picture frame once mounted on the wall! Not only that, but they throw in a 10 foot braided HDMI cable and a level to boot! Hard to beat for that price!
1) How long have you owned this unit? 2) Where you purchased? 3) Is this your first Vizio E601-A3 unit? 4) List what happened and the time frame it took since you turned on this unit? 5) Was your unit repaired or replacement? 6) Did you buy another Vizio E601-A3? Or which make & model did your replace it with? 7) What are the FIRST TWO NUMBERS OF YOUR VIZIO SERIAL NUMBER? 8) Average hours used per day? 1) Purchased on Black Friday 11-22-12 2) Wal-Mart 3) Yes, this is my...
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