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Bueller? Bueller?
Has anyone used RadioRA2 with the CREE CR6 lightbulbs with RadioRA2 that are not 2700k? Looking to have 4 in our kitchen that are 4000k. Thanks.
Getting ready to have a pro install an RTI home automation system to control RadioRA2 lights, somfy shades, and control A/V. Here is what we need help with which he didn't have a solution for. We live in a condo and therefore the board members in the building have a master key to access all the units in case there is a water leak or similar emergency. What we are wanting is: Some sort of keypad that we can mount on the wall inside condo that will beep like a security...
I didn't. I am about to do my project in 2-4 weeks.
What is everyone's thoughts on the RTI app for Iphone/Ipad? Does it work well? Looking at using it to control RadioRA2 lighting, Somfy shades, and also having 2 of the RTI remotes to control 2 TVs. I looked all over forum for review on this app and couldn't find it. Sorry if question has been asked but I couldn't locate it. Thanks.
I am not wanting to do a DIY. I am wanting to have it pro installed. I have found that each company I talk to pushes 1 product as being the best solution. Right now I am leaning towards RTI. Found an installer who seems knowledgeable and is pretty close to my budget. Do you all think RTI is a good overall system for my needs? Any other info I can give you? I do not have the knowledge or patience for a DIY. Thanks again for the advice.
I am considering now Control4 and RTI. Anyone have any advice on which historically has performed better? The research I have done people seem to recommend RTI quite a bit more than C4.
Anyone have any other advice? Would really appreciate it. Thanks.
Thanks for the reply. Any idea if Elan or Creston are in my budget?
I have a 1500 square foot condo that is already constructed. We are doing some small remodel work and need some advice on which system I should be looking at. I have looked at iRule, Honeywell, and a few others and am still lost on which would be the best option for me. Here is what I got.... I already have all of my audio and video centralized and controlled by 2 Logitech Harmony 900. I am needing to control my 9 somfy roller shades. I am about to replace my 24...
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