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But is that list contengent on the device? Seems when I was playing it thru my HTPC the AVR reported Atlas Shrugged in 7.1 coming in.
Does the 220 only stream Vudu in 5.1 when using SD and HD. That is all I am seeing and the lead in menu when loading up Vudu only says "movies in 51" So is 7.1 not available when using the 220? I was watching Atlas Shrugged II the other night. I first was watching on my HTPC but HD kept skipping (my download speed is 3.1 ... grrrrr) and SD was a little "jaggy". But the Audio was 7.1. So I thought, "I wonder what the pic would look like on the 220". So I flip...
I think I would +1 with Nick_si, and also say it would be hard to beat the Onkyo HT-s5500 for the money especially if this is your first experience into Home Theater. Also, the 5500 can be run 5.1 or 3.1 or Stereo and Sub, so it is not "limited" to 7.1 only. Just a thought.
Also For What its Worth, a 7.1 Front High system would look like this and would work easily in a bedroom
A pretty extensive quick look at the specs of the HT-s5500 can be found on this site. http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/ONKHTS5500/Onkyo-HT-S5500-7.1-Home-Theater-Package-w/USB-for-iPod/iPhone/1.html#!moreFirst Tab show the overview and details of features. Third Tab (Specs) list most of the details and connections available for the AVR.If you were buying this system at the MSRP of $649 I would say there are probably other options to consider or even...
There has been a good deal of discussion about the 5500. Do a quick search. I have and like the 5500.
I would consider the HT-s5500. I do see that sticker - a small black label about 5"x1.5" with white letters - but again ours has been on for 5 hours and hardly warm. Sounds good too.
With the 650 and 700 you can set the order, but you cannot insert a pause between the AVR power on command and the TV power on command (or any power on command). You can sort the power on order and can add commands and pauses after the power on commands complete ( like mute or input selection, etc), but you cannot - as a user - add a pause in between the power ons.I found a few discussions on some harmony forums before I figured it out. Most laminated this feature for...
1Jeffcat, Don't know if u got the "sub having to be powered off manually" worked out, but a good solution for me was to use a digital power center surge protector that shuts off all outlets when you turn off the primary power source (in my case the AVR). This also shuts down my TV so it is not even on in stand by, totally off. But the power center also has plugs that are not shut down like for my dual sat receiver and network switch which need to stay on all the...
Does not seem right to me. I have the HT-s5500 onkyo that is a 7.1 and a few models up from yours. It has been on a few hrs at a mid to low volumn. Ambient room temp is 69.5 and AVR is very cool and in places cold to e touch. It is on a shelf by itself. 3" on right side, full open on left, 1" over the top of air space.
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