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Happened to my e470i-ao. What the heck is going on. Returned mine to sams club.
I plan too if I can. No remote for a least a week and now cnet is stating that this isn't really an led/120hz tv. It's a nice tv, just doesn't live up to the hype. I wish it did. Any recommendations?
Sad part is my Comcast remote works. Not my vizio remote. Only problem is that I can access any of the features. The Internet seems like a waste if the oem remote doesn't work. Help me!!!
I also can't get to any of the menus to work the the different settings. I can try to use the side but it doesn't work well. I really frustrated!!! Help me!!!
Okay just got a vizio e470i-ao. Looked like a great deal, bought an lg and it had terrible edge bleeding. Ended up getting this vizio. I am really questioning if this is a 120hz and now the remote stopped working. New batteries, changed twice and still not working. I am really starting to question the quality of this led tv. Wanted a backlit led and thought this fit the bill. Nice picture but really concerned about this and I really think this is a 60hz panel and not a...
Bought a Vizio E470i-A0. Is it really a 120hz tv or is it 60 with software that makes it "120"hz tv. Been thinking about returning it and picking up a samsung un46es6150f, not sure. I am not that impressed with internet features and the sound. It also doesn't want to work with my Bluray player. Looking for some feedback, when I got it, I was impressed with the price, but using the blu ray it didn't have a picture that like my philips and other 120hz tvs.
Ok I had a Philips 47pfl7422d/37. I loved it, perfect picture for me and my wife!!! Now we are left with looking at Costco or SAMs. They both have a decent selection, I have at most a 1k to spend. I have been looking at the vizio e470i-a0 or the Sam UN46ES6150F. Like to go with a full backlit but willing to edge lit technology. Just want a good tv, really miss my Philips. Any suggestions? Models whatever, just looking for a good tv and value!!!
This is what my image looks like. Should I try static or something else?
Okay I have the same tv, love it but noticed this same burn in image. Is this a bad inverter or something else? I really don't want to replace it.
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