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I should also note that eliminating the 900's yields that same results. Using the Directv remote for LR it needs to be set in the standard mode to power on, but then the slider needs to be moved to AV1 to continue to control the LR box.
I have two televisions (T and LR) with Directv, both set top boxes are in the A/V closet. Both locations are controlled with separate Logitech 900 remotes. Location T with the Genie DVR works great, its set to use the standard Directv remote codes. LR is set to use alternate codes. LR works flawlessly IF the Directv C31-700 is powered on. For some reason, the signal from remote T will power on both Directv boxes but will not control the LR box after that. It's like...
I'm in the process of building a new home. I've lurked on AVSForum long enough to figure out answers to most of my questions (thank you all). I prewired for WHA (NuVo) and installed 2" Carlon Riser-Gaurd from the living room TV location and from the theater room to my AV closet. Drywall goes up this week. The only thing I have been able find searching are remote recommendations. AV closet will house all equipment. It's about a 40' run from one location and down one...
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