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Hi, sorry this may sound stupid. But is there such a thing as calibration for animation movies, such as Pixar, Dreamworks, etc? Let's say if the TV has been calibrated for grayscale, are there any guidelines for converting the calibrated settings to another set that is conducive for watching animation movies? Or switching to use the TV's Vivid mode is the most straight-forward and only way? The TV i am talking about is a LG 65LW6500. Thanks for your attention
Hi, I am trying to use HCFR to calibrate my 65lw6500 tv (led backlit lcd tv) with i1 display pro. Am I right to say that I should use the i1D3 NON-refresh display type? How about spectral sample? Does it matter which one i choose? I saw there are 2 LED options: LCD RGB LED IPS and LCD White LED IPS. But the samples seem to be more applicable for computer monitors. Which one should I choose? thanks a lot for any advice.
Hi there, I would like to try my hands on calibrating a 65inch LG LED TV using a i1 DisplayPro with colorHFCR. A couple of questions which I hope the experts here can help: a. If I position the i1 on the center of the TV screen, the cable to the i1 is not long enough to allow me to connect to my laptop on the other end. However, if I shift it up(such as 5 inches up the screen away from the center), then the cable is just nice. Would like to know must the i1 be positioned...
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