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You guys are sharp! I have attached an FM Fool file   I hadn't thought about there being a 100,000 watt FM station 4 miles away might be a problem. If that's it, what is the remedy? I'll post a photo of my antenna later today. It's been cold (below zero), so I haven't ventured out for photo opportunities lately. Break in the weather today, though. I think my wiring is OK (RG6, not hugely old). I am going to try to bypass my amplifier and splitter today, see what...
Good idea! Here it is:   http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29&q=id%3d1dda10c49d769a Let me know what you think, and thanks.
Tired of cable/satellite fees, want to go back to over the air. Location, Badger, Iowa 50516. Antenna Web says my RF channels are between 5 and 39, and yes, I would like to be able to pull in the whole spectrum. I have a fairly large TV antenna (old Radio Shack, I think), mounted on an approximate 20 foot pole mounted to the side of my ranch-style house. It is above the peak of the house, but not by too much. I also have a Winegard HD-200 distribution amp, and a simple...
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