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Wasn't planning on a sub, but yeah with the speaker gift I will definitely start researching some subs
Hmm... So I brought up to my dad my attempt at setting up my first real speaker system and he has 4 klipsch heresy speakers in the attic and is willing to give me 2 of them. Any thoughts on how I would set them up or what to add with them?
I guess for the better bang now I'll go with the Denon. Accessories4less has a refurbished one for $200. Then I'll pick up the Infinities off of amazon and that'll put me just under $500
I'm thinking instead of the Denon-AVR-1612 picking up the Pioneer VSX-1022-K off of Amazon.
Any other advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated or if you think my set up is a good start then let me know.
Those are the other speakers I have been looking at reading through the forums and researching myself
Like most people who post like this, I am starting out on a budget of probably around $500-600, but it's flexible. Right now I'm looking for a 2.0, or 2.1 setup with receiver that can be upgraded later on to a 5.1 system. I've been doing some reading and researching and I really like Fluance's SXHTBFR. For a receiver I've been looking at Denon AVR-1612. This setup would put me right at about $500 from what I've found. I live in an apartment with a relatively small...
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