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Just as the title says, would like to buy 3 CA Minx Min20s. Willing to go 100 a piece for them. Please PM if you have some you would like unload.
Well I went to the house today and ruled out that front ceiling speakers are not going to work out. Thinking of going with a small form satelite speaker like Def Tech Mythos Gem or something similiar. They would be mounted on the ceiling pointed down. I would like to keep it under 250 for the pair. I would also like some input on a small center channel.. I would like shallow depth and low height. Thinking of mounting it under the mantle. My buddy has some Proficient...
Appreciate the response. Did you mount those In- Ceiling? My layout just does not allow me to do In walls. I still think the setup should sound better than HTiB.
Well double post.. dangit!
Any MP folks??
All, Been trolling for a while and tried to search through all the many threads that matched my criteria.. but could not find the exact answers I am looking for. I am most likely going with the Nuvo GC unless someone can sway me for price/features to another system. I really like static KPs with the availability to have wireless control.... back on subject, this is more about speakers. I am going to have 6 zones with 10' ceilings pretty much everywhere. I have ready...
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