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Perhaps those Sony glasses would be better for your Sony TV? http://us.playstation.com/ps3/accessories/sony-playstation-3d-glasses-ps3.html They support Simulview, though I am not sure if the Simulview mode works only with the Playstation 3D Display... I already tried to use those mentioned Philips glasses with my Epson Beamer, no luck Otherwise I would suppose to contact the XPAND service and ask them, if L/L, R/R eye mode is supported with their products.
Just to confirm that SimulView is working with Dr. HDMI (I am on a passive 3D LG TV). The only problem is getting L/L and R/R glasses for active TVs. So no problem at all with passive TVs, and also some active 3D TV manufacturers offer DualPlay (L/L, R/R) glasses. E.g. Philips PTA518 (IR): http://download.p4c.philips.com/files/p/pta518_00/pta518_00_dfu_eng.pdf The challenge would now be, to synch these Philips glasses with TVs from other manufacturers. Does anyone know a...
Thanks for the helpful answers. Right now I don´t have another empty DVD here, so I will try it in the next few days again (it was a DVD-R), and will check the MD5.
I have problems with playing the AVCHD-Version on my PS3, could someone help me please? I have burned the AVCHD-Iso to a DVD with ImgBrn (following exactly the description). When trying to play the DVD with my PS3, the disc is displayed as a "Data Disc" and I can´t start it. Any ideas? I have burned the DVD with an external Samsung DVD-Drive. Another question: is the MP4 version as good as a burned version to calibrate a TV? If yes I would simply use that version...
Anyone? No idea what glasses with that feature could be compatible?
I am looking for active shutter glasses (IR) that support Dual Play and are compatible to the beamer Epson EH-TW9000W. E.g. glasses like Philips PTA518 or PTA508. Does anyone know if these glasses are compatible? Any other glasses that could fit? Unfortunately Epson does not offer glasses with that feature. http://download.p4c.philips.com/files/p/pta518_00/pta518_00_pss_eng.pdf Beamer infos:...
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