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Can't live without music. While I'm waiting for my sr5007, I purchased to return Onkyo TX-NR626. This thing outperforms Cambridge azur 640r Music sounds more pleasant and more instruments can be heard.
Thanx. I'm getting my Sr5007 back.
I switched to azur 640r from Marantz sr5007. OMG Thanx to Cambridge I'm a real Marantz fan now. Just reordered sr5007 back. Marantz sr5007 has unbelievable performance. Used it with Infinity Kappa 600
Guys I need your help again. For 2 large speakers set up. Will marantz sr 5007 and Denon 3313 ci sound the same?
Mine is Cambridge 640. Got it used with a not working sound knob (use remote for it) but otherwise in perfect condition.  It's very heavy and solid built.
Ended up with cambridge azur 640r. It's fun to switch receivers often.
I did. Looks like Maratz makes Kappa 600 breathe easier.
Well, I just switched from Yamaha Rx a720 and I hear a difference. Don't want to reverse it.
Going to stay with the sr5007 for now. Only few things I don't like about it. screen looks like a porthole on the submarine (can't read it from distance) when I connect my sony nw-f807 portable player via USB - can only play one album at a time (will repeat the same album but won't play next one)
Only 2 speakers. Don't plan to extend. I'm a true stereo forever. I listen to a lot of acoustic albums and this marantz SR5007 does it so well. but I wonder if anything could do it better in this price range. Guy already gave me some suggestions. Many people talk about Harman Kardon 3490. I see it's powerful and loud , but is the sound going to be as tasty as in Marantz?
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