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Just wanted to thank everyone for the suggestions. In the end I ordered the Bx2 speakers and went with the HSU VTF-2 MK4 Sub. Now i just have to be patiently wait for everything to arrive
The Room is a converted Bedroom we turned into a "entertainment room" so It does close off from the rest of the house via a door. It's pretty much a perfect square with the exception of a 5' x 3' opened closet. Currently I have a aging 15" powered sub in one of the corners which fills the room. Its fine for movies but doesn't seem very good for music. Its an Audiosource SW-15 I bought back in like 99 or 2000. I also tested a Cerwin Vega LW-12 in this room and it sounded...
Thank you for the reply. to answer your question the room is 15' x 15' with carpet on a slab concrete floor (the house sits on a slab no basement)
Hello, I'm in the planning stages of updating my severely out of date audio equipment. I recently purchased a Yamaha RX-A720 to drive the system and am looking for some Bookshelf Speaker recommendations. My budget is decent but I'd like to stay in the $500-$600 range If I can. Thus far I've gone and listened to Monitor Audio BX2's which sounded great as well as PSB Image B5. These system will be used 90% for music 10% movies. Any opinions on the speakers I've listed and...
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